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Active users is one of two ways that the Xeus CRM determines tariff usage.

An organisation is allowed any number of users regardless of their tariff. These users will be added to the organisation, their information can be edited and attachments can be added to them. However, the user will not be able to logon and use Xeus unless they are marked as active. This is where the  ‘active users’ tab comes in. There are multiple ways of adding an active user be it via creating a new user, editing an existing user or through the Xeus invite system. The active user page however is by far the best place to manage your active users.

The active user page exists to make your life easier, if you are approaching your tariff limit or want to quickly change who is active within your organisation, rather than filtering through user profiles and updating one user at a time, you can now update all the active users within your organisation at the same time.