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Customise Form Fields

Here you are able to customise and configure form fields for each type of business object.

Fro the list of business objects (i.e. ‘Client’, ‘Enquiry’, ‘Product Category’ etc.) you are able to change the form fields for this business objects.

Once you select a business object, you are given 3 options: ‘Form Fields’, ‘List Layout’ and ‘Export Layout’.

Form Fields

Field Categories
Field Categories allows you to add and edit categories. These new categories will appear in the side menu under your chosen business object. This enables you to create a new, personalised category.

For example: By adding a new field category for ‘Client’, a new type of client will show up as a sub-category in the menu bar, where you can create new clients for both sub-categories.

Field Groups
Field Groups allows you to create new fields for when you want to, for example, create a new client. By creating a new field group, you could add more fields when adding a new client.

Under ‘Client’, for example, you are able to add new fields, in addition to the default ‘Organisation Name’ and ‘Parent Organisation’ fields.

Fields allows you to create sub-categories for your field groups, or edit pre-existing ones.

By pressing the addition symbol you can create a new field. Next to ‘Field Group’, you can specify which field group you want this new field to be a sub-category of.

By clicking your chosen row, followed by the pencil symbol, you can edit existing fields.

By selecting a row and then the bin symbol, you can delete existing fields.

‘List Layout’ and ‘Export Layout’
List Layout and Export Layout both allow you to move around the columns into the order you wish. By clicking ‘Choose columns’ you can remove existing columns by unticking their boxes, or ticking them if you want to re-add them.